Four Facts Everyone Should Know About Combination Logo Design

Combination Logo - the name itself says that it is the combo of text as well as graphics with it. Logo designs are of many dimensions and one of them is a combination of text and graphics. It signifies and projects the brand image of your company that you wish to create in the market. Combination Logo Design provides a supplemental clarity about what you are as a company.

Professional logo design suits best for any of the business enterprise who wishes to stand out in the market with out of the box logo design. There are custom logo design companies who are masters in the field of logo designing. They create the replica of your thoughts and requirements for your logo design that you want. Now we will have a look at the facts about combination logo design that are a must for everyone to know about:

1. Iconic logotype

This is considered to be the best logo type as it connects the customers with your company as it doubles the effects as it has both- graphics and text that create an everlasting impression. It can differentiate your company from other companies and gives you an individual identity. This logo design eliminates the risk of your brand getting confused with another one just because your logo will not resemble the other company’s custom logo. This risk will circle around your business if you have only a graphic design as a logo which might resemble other brands.

2. Can be easily trademarked

Looking into the legal perspective, combination logo design is easier to trademark than the symbol-only logos which might create problems in legal formalities due to somewhat resemblance with other companies. So you will have ease of trademarking your logo design. You can touch perfection in this if you opt for custom logo design which encompasses creatively designed logo along with the text.

3. Originally fresh:

Use your creativity to design a logo in such a way that it portrays your purpose behind designing the logo as per the suitability of your business and its aims. Playing it original will help you avoid visual clashes that detach your customers from your company. If needed, get logo design services from the top branding companies in the market.

4.Be crystal clear

As it is the combo of graphics and text, you need to be very careful while designing it. Keep a check that every single element in the logo design should be in harmony with other elements. If your design is an unclear mixture, it will be a chaotic impression of your company in the minds of the customers. So, even though as said above that it is an iconic logo design, it comes with a tag of ‘handle with care.’

Having a combination mark logo design will do magic for you in the market as it gives you an identity that sets you apart from the rest of the competitors’ crowd. Whenever a company needs a new logo design, it can shine out by using this deadly combo of graphics and text. Getting the best combinations logo design can be possible instantly by contacting ProDesigns, an eminent graphics design branding company which masters the art of designing all types of logos.